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The first thing that comes to mind when hearing "tulip" is Holland, this is, picturesque windmills and colorful tulip fields. But further from the universal truth that tulips come from the Netherlands, the truth is that they  originate in the mountain and steppes regions of Central Asia (Kazakhstan), Persia (Iran and Afghanistan) and Anatolia (Turkey). It was not until the end of the  sixteenth century when an experienced botanist introduced the first tulip bulbs in the country.


In the 1630s, the Dutch taste for this beautiful  and unique flower that hasn't got fragrance was in crescendo, becoming the symbol of Holland. Initially, it was considered a luxury item that only the nobility could acquire, however, in a short period of time, the obsession to get hold this exotic flower spread to the lower classes. In this sense, a demand far outstrip supply  led to the first financial bubble in history known as "tuliponania" fact that led to bankrupt in 1637. Currently, the Netherlands is the largest producer of tulips, concentrating 88% of the area cultivated worldwide.


The tulip grows naturally in a wide range of colors and sizes. There are about 150 wild species, but hybrids and cultivars are innumerable.


But... have you ever seen a blue tulip? How do they look like? Blue Tulips are not a natural phenomenon. Although its visual appearance denotes an indigo tone is the result of dyeing a white tulip or cultivate a hybrid type from the range of lilacs and violets. However, we do may sprout naturally.


Tulipán Azul Eventos is a young and dynamic company, which design and produce social, corporate and group events. Its serious and responsible team is composed of professionals in the tourism, events and decoration sector. We pamper each work to be done as if it were the only one, taking care of the smallest details. We turn each event into a blue tulip, unique and special, committing ourselves to overcome your expectations from minute one.


We offer three different services "turnkey", "a la carte" and "decoration. In another words, we propose fresh and innovative ideas tailored to the needs of individuals, companies and groups to achieve the distinction.



Our job is based on the closeness and familiarity with the customer. We don't only work for him but together with him as well. The customer is the key for the development of the even.


Confidence. The act of giving a blue tulip to another person carries a message of calm, so that you are in the best hands.


For the enthusiasm and illusion deposited in each work.


We are a serious and responsible team composed of great professionals in

the events and hospitality industries.


Full availability, where, how and when the customer desires.




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